Mar 24, 2009

1920: In Duluth, Minnesota

Written by T.J. Jarrett

Read by Michael Heffernan

            They strung up the clowns
Because it was already a circus.

Because the musicians were still playing and
            Bears were common.

Because the harlequin's head perched above the ruff,
            Never seemed to belong to him.

Because the clowns laughed at the accusation
            And turned on their too large heels in leaving.

Because the girl had gone missing.

Because the auguste already knew the finite properties of air
            And had been spinning in it.

Because the clowns were tumbling toward the train
            And the town could not bear more loss.

Because the approaching winter was already
            Wielding darkness in its fists.

Because the earth let out a throaty guffaw
            As the town thrust the clowns in it.