Apr 13, 2010

A Meditation in Tweets

Written by Kimberly Grey

Read by Mary Angelino

yr bread. We can be prison food, happily. And if hungry is beautiful in any of these ways, I want to eat I want to eat I want to eat it.

& ready before. When u step out naked of the tub: je ne sais pas mon nom. We are close to bed now. One late night snack. I’m butter

where’s yr sense of weightfulness? Things r all we are: bits of borings & booms. But in sleep we’re in battery love: charging

be a lesson in the syntax of bodies: soon between us will be only sleep & sleeping things. Tell me one is not yellow & buxom & beginning;

Birdbath out back but we r the birds of this tub, our little boat almost sunk & us beneath it; necks smeared w/a pithy brightness. Let this