Mar 10, 2009

Argument From Design

Written by T.R. Hummer

Read by Geoffrey Brock

The failing kidney is a portal — the leaky
    heart valve, the clot, the lesion in the brain:
All doors unlocking themselves. Likewise
    outside the body: the razorblade,
The bottle of barbiturates, the utility pole
    beside the curve in the icy highway,
The rifle over the mantelpiece (it must
    go off). He understands the radio
On the shelf by the bath in particular
    as a crystal hatchway, hermetically unsealing,
Leading, after a prelude of unspectacular
    fireworks, to a region beyond
The invention of the hinge and the hasp,
    where jamb and lintel are less
Than ugly rumors, and nobody has
    a key to worry over, wear out,
Misplace, twist off, or jangle obsessively.