Dec 1, 2015

Explain: Wolves

Written by Joe Wilkins

Read by Geoffrey Brock

OR-7, also known as Journey, is the first confirmed wolf in western Oregon since 1947, and the first in California since 1924. Since the wolf left his pack in September 2011, he has wandered more than 1,000 miles […] through Oregon and Northern California.
— Wikipedia
The wandering wolf OR-7 appears to have a mate.
— The Oregonian, May 12, 2014
She wanders heavy-bellied, full of milk & knives.
Lowers the barrel of her body like this, forepaws soft & sure as motherwings against the infant earth.
When finally she takes flight, she falls to gnashing the neckmeat of deer, one last upwelling of arterial blood the very blush of certain bodies in the near heavens.
When mountains gather their snap & shatter, when down comes the wind & winterlong, even wolfbones leak their autumn grease, wolfeyes go lonesome & sallow, & for warmth every wolf snouts the yeasting fleshpockets of those they run with & love.
I’m telling you capped & nightgowned like that the story is not the wolf’s but ours, our fear not of being devoured but blinded, lied to, made complicit in our own undoing.
I’m telling you if he came through the bedsheets & afternoon light after you, then, yes, I’d do whatever wild, spine-breaking thing was in me to do.
I’m telling you if we ever on the next ridge see her loping down the scree, teats swinging, or in the fireblind night hear above the sough & slap of lakewater his dark bell of howl boom & ring, then children we will lean into one another, into our own itching hides, all the lengths of our glad, animal bones.