Jun 17, 2014

Governor of the Incurables

Written by Taryn Schwilling

Read by John Poch

The many demonstrations of grief
grief of the body laid upon
a couch laid in a coffin lined
with gunpowder babies are not
burned but buried we leave the rich
left in the house parched gods
paintedfor the occasion

a man in red handles the bone box

while the hired mourners’ grief controlled just
as pouring water on the ground is
a solemn gesture the men’s hair done up
a la femme makes the deception complete why
would a man who might sit choose to walk

before the war the spirits
were princes who hadn’t killed
now they’re generals with what power

to obscure the bell’s din or the weary

motion of a harvest lost or tame
the waxy lotus with its hidden tangles

may we only eat what we haven’t
killed the birds all begin to look
the same like things the dead fear