Sep 23, 2008

Halley’s Comet

Written by Trent Nutting

Read by Steve Mueske

Coma of ice and dust, sublimated
Accidental star of Bethlehem, your
Streaked passage, thumb-smudge of showered light,
Bookends lives. Bayeux stitchers wove into
Their tapestry your asterisk.
Babylonians etched you into stone.
I was seven for this century’s
Second viewing. My father saw first your
Slap-dash corona above hill’s rim,
the yellowed center of a purple bruise.
I followed his pointing finger to your
Hanging blaze. Many I knew would be long-
Buried the next time you circled back.
The mathematical certainty of
Cosmic cycles brought this home: your next
Arrival will find me, if at all,
The bent curlicue of an ice-sheathed birch, gray
At the edges. Until then, comet, I
Will do as you have done; I will
Doggedly chase my tail, that
Radiant wake of my own substance burning.