Aug 25, 2015

If/Then: Researching Self-Validation in the Bowling Alley

Written by Lucia LoTempio

Read by Cate Lycurgus

The smack of the ball is a fantastic life-affirming
noise & the machine gives
me a strike when I only get a few pins
& another & another:
it’s so sexy when I win for once I watch for you

to pool skin cells in those holes
but you don’t: you anticipate the danger:
I would take up forensics;
return to investigate
to find your ball
& extract–

I see your steps reflect in shooting arrows when you go
up for your turn; I am sustainable–all germs & beer–
if I can watch you spotlighted by the discoing overhead:
The lanes are fresh sleek & bumper-less: cut me to the chase:
I wouldn’t have lifted off this dress–hurry,
I would have waited
for the part when I learn to lift
your fingerprints from zippers

You frame me as the ball: spiraling
in wax;–I am its mass
weighed down & pressing
still hot from the mouth of the alley