Jun 2, 2015

Joni Mitchell Is Not Unconscious!

Written by Michelle Bitting

Read by Matthew Dickman

She hasn’t fallen into the coma
those nasty tabloids suggest
She’s alert and well and sitting up
in her bed at Cedars Sinai
I was walking on The Promenade
in the land of palm trees and Saint Monica
where sun and blue shade duke it out
working a path between bass clef and treble
and then I saw it: JONI MITCHELL IN A COMA!
And I said No! Not her! Maybe it’s true
she’s been a recluse for half the century
in her pink Bel-Air mansion
Our Lady of the Spanish Canyon
where she chain smokes and is paranoid of everybody
especially the invisible parasites
like colorful irritable fibers
she’s convinced bloody her skin
make her tear all her clothes off
and slither like a snake on ceramic tiles
Who wouldn’t believe aliens
were camping in your private parts
when there’s Paparazzi spying
from the Hydrangea everywhere you go?
There is no rain in California
and I have been to Hollywood parties
and done perfectly disgraceful things
But Joni Mitchell is not unconscious!
She is still here in the in-between
going up and down like her melodies
make us when the heart is shadows and light
and we are desperate to be forgiven
Oh Joni keep singing we need that nothing gray about you