Sep 8, 2015

Medusa Aubade

Written by J. P. Dancing Bear

Read by Jay Deshpande

Leave the bed unmade as a sum of our last duet.
The sheets twisting in serpentine seams. Between them
a no man’s land no mage or medium would wander–
too many omens in the smudgy shadows of their ranges.
Numbed and amused in our abandon, who seduced whom,
the blame unassigned, unassumed. No repenting here
near the site of our destructive lust–don’t die on any cliché,
do say the stupid words of some wanton heart.

Say the word gamble, even suggest damned.
I know I should go, make use of what’s left
of the night. You know, too, although you say stay.
The small lies and guilt slithering in our stomachs,
during this pre-twilight, that dread the new dawn,
dread the rough light so much colder than stone.