Dec 15, 2015

Miss Nebraska Dissects a Shark for Science Education

Written by Kelle Groom

Read by M.D. Myers

It’s a misleading headline, as she never holds the scalpel
Just bobby pins her crown & rubs the shark’s ilium
Where muscles & pelvis attach.
Detached, it’s a shawl of bones.
Mostly she, JaCee, watches with an expression better suited
To her own autopsy, mouth agape, burgundy blotch near her
Ear. I’m all for Science Education, & have plenty of questions
Myself, for instance why do I hear water running in the walls
Of my bedroom all night long, in the pipes that heat this old place?
Is gas a liquid or is all the water from clouds overhead
Filtered through my house? Here it comes again, like a shower
In the grates. I’m afraid it’s flammable & might combust.
Outside my window is a regular knocking that after snow
Is accompanied by chunks of falling ice. But who is out there?
I can only think of Catherine & Heathcliff which isn’t
Very scientific. In the privacy of my possibly combustible home,
Resurrection is promoted on TV. I’m asked, “What if someone
You lost was returned?” A couple covered in flour
Or stardust clutch each other in a field;
The face of a woman who lost her son is elastic
With her widening mouth as if screaming needs more room.
It needs a lot of room, & then needs almost none,
Give it long enough, no one will even hear.