Dec 9, 2014

Newlyweds at the Antique Shop

Written by Ashley Anna McHugh

Read by Maryann Corbett

I loved old cabinets built for radios
back then, and so we stopped to look at one
with four rimmed glasses and an old decanter

set on the top. I stood in a slant of sun,
and looked it over long and hard — I swear —
as though it were the very height of grandeur,

but backed away. “Not working, I suppose,”
you sighed. I didn’t answer, didn’t care

you missed the point. Of course it wasn’t new:
I liked it better broken, wanted it more
because it was abandoned and obsolete —

I wanted nothing as it was before,
nothing that the world had kept complete.
I held time’s heavy damage in my hand

because it was a way to understand
what we had promised when we said, “I do.”