Feb 3, 2009

Renaming Wonder

Written by Sally Ashton

Read by Doug Van Gundy

World gets chance to name new 7 wonders

What are the new seven wonders, a wren
in a hedge, a hummingbird’s red-feathered throat,
wild elk that return to bugle at night

on the outskirts of some improbable city?
All that remains of the original marvels:
a vast museum of unnoticed things.

We’ll never see the Hanging Gardens,
never touch the Colossus of Rhodes.
The statue of Zeus, the Temple of Artemis —

only the Great Pyramid endures.
Look for an adjective. Look
for all the clues, the bloodstains, the footprints,

the fields that weep.
Once I picked figures from clouds; now
I must memorize the heavy elements.

The heaviest will guide movement,
DaVinci wrote. Like dream,
wonder reduces to elemental dust, stories

that are a little bit prayer, a little bit
captured beetle pinned to a velvet board,
a little of what waits to be named.