Feb 24, 2015

Self-Portrait as Koudelka’s Untitled (1963)

Written by Cintia Santana

Read by Jen Jabaily-Blackburn

My wrists
in handcuffs
at the waist.
dark birds
stoned down.
My shoulders stooped
the near-width
of the coffin-bound.

Behind me
piles of hay
curtain off
the ragged contours
of the white-washed
town. A crowd
has come
to watch.

How well
we understand.
Its place
among the fallow fields
at noon.
Clasp your hands
behind your back.
Or keep
the coiled German Shepherd

Amor fati,
I’ll love you not.
Though the body
becomes cage
and the tractor’s muddy tracks
so like a noose
sweep toward
my neck.