Jun 29, 2010

Self-Portrait with Spoiler Alerts

Written by Aaron Anstett

Read by Bethany Tyler Lee

“The voice is more than the body’s excursus, its way of going out from itself.”
— Steven Connor, “Phonophobia: The Dumb Devil of Stammering”

In romantic comedy I must adhere
to wacky codicil in will
demanding astral levitation
and dating psychic phlebotomist.

“Hello, hello,” I wave and jollily yodel,
then wander farther yonder, calling,
“Pick me,” direct dotted-line object
of the zombies’ outstretched arms,
leading economic indicator scruffy fringes of their shirt cuffs.

I dream I watch Andy Warhol’s “Sleep” in 3-D IMAX,
poet John Giorno snoozing giant for many hours,
and wake confettied with popcorn, lap soaked with cola.

As if light were altered by what it touches,
dirtied by glancing on gutter water,
then traveled scattered, smudged,

I’m already nostalgic for what just happened,
endlessly reminiscent about each prior instant,
flickers on outskirts of vision,
those iffy, flimsy instances

ceaselessly expanding, factor by which flashback
content increases in each subsequent sequel.