Jul 13, 2010

Steps to Remove Limitations

Written by G.C. Waldrep

Read by Anthony Farrington

After all the soldiers come into the café
there’s a lot more café to go around.
Someone falls through insulation in the attic
and somebody else either is or isn’t
able to catch them, or break their fall.

In the paperback book you’re reading
you’re about to go on a date with a restaurant
in a distant town you’ve never heard of.
You’re sitting outside on a bench in front
of the pharmacy, waiting for your order.

Someone describes a magnolia’s flowers
as being “like a lily’s,” but you know better.

There is some shooting in the distance.
“It’s just boys,” your lover says,
in the paperback novel you’re reading.

You wonder what anybody was doing
in the attic to start with, and why doesn’t
the café do more or better business
in this town, a town you’ve heard of,
where you live. You are thinking about rain

when the shooting starts again, closer.