Jun 23, 2016

Storm Warnings

Written by J.P. Grasser

Read by Saara Myrene Raappana

After Adrienne Rich

All night the wind’s been fiddling for the coup de grâce,
working out our best broad-head nails,
wending loop-de-loops through a million nils

on the chicken-coop’s gray face, piping La-Di-Da
through the gutters’ gluttonous mouths. Like sills

and spouts give a damn about granddad’s saw,
shovel, and shears, or that shit grandma went paw

over paw for, at the fifty yard-sales
she measured her life with. This storm is hell

bent on de-roofing us yet—the high pressure front
swelling sashes, knelling the glass’s double-pane

with forking tongues of rain. There is no bell
like thunder’s ionic gnash. No refrain
but this one to answer the ubi sunt.