Aug 12, 2014

The Morning of Your 35th Birthday

Written by Jenny Sadre-Orafai

Read by Dan O'Brien

I was deep in dream.
You were proposing again.

This time, in the dark
and I was sitting down.

I opened a box and there were
three rings. An engagement one,

one for the wedding, and one
for what I didn’t learn.

I didn’t like the wedding
one. The band, thick as two

knuckles and white.
I asked if we could still

take it back. I didn’t think
I was married to you before.

I couldn’t tell that your face
was the sea or the ocean,

water pushing off from land,
from dark. Your eyes shut

in your hand in a different part
of town. There couldn’t be anything

to recognize anymore. Maybe
a hand, a shadow. No, the silhouette.