Mar 16, 2010

The Oklahoma

Written by Sid Miller

Read by Gregory Sherl

      A small man is surrounded 
      by only great, expansive
      land — forever wheat, 
      the horns of steers
      so bright gnats orbit them.  

Disregard what you know 
of Tulsa, the single story
shopping mall and the zit 
faced kid named Albert
who worked the grill 
at the Steer and Shake,
who put bacon on your burger, 
no charge.

This is my dream, 
not your memory
of a summer in '96.  

I once heard you say
that dreams are like ticks. 

      I went to Oklahoma 
      just now, for a few minutes 
      between orders — let me tell you, 
      the wind was so high 
      I had to lean 
      straight into it,
      the sky so blue 
      my hair stood on end.
      There were no hills, 
      I was the tallest thing around.