Jan 27, 2016

The Path Back Barely Findable

Written by Sarah Gridley

Read by Jennifer K. Sweeney

What you read, read quietly.
If it rains, brother, it rains. If losing your place
when called to look up, notice what is also
there for us—hard buds at the glass
where the branches are hurled—
things that ask to flower again.

Should their calling awaken me or you.
Should we sleep right through
the middle of it. If woods are where
their calling is.

Should a deer stand also in a field
subject to frost and time and distance.
Should grace stand there also
with nothing to do.

How much we are told without understanding.
How loyal and lost the senses are.

For me there is you
in the way in the slipping dark. Brother
and ever more startling brother,
in every thought
before the words come back.