Mar 2, 2010

To Sibyl

Written by Amit Majmudar

Read by Mia

Is this how the gods see us? Lusty, tangle-
Maned mustangs shifting speeds and angles,
Sparking blue rime off winter ground? You were
The one, Sibyl, they cut from the herd —
Zeroed the loop around your throat, the words
No different than a strangler’s hand, closing.
Woman reduced to a pair of legs, sea-black mare,
Your front hooves shriek high, charging up the air.
When your airway shuts, consider yourself chosen.
The god has pounced on your back,
And, clamping you, he lets you buck
Until the tempest of your temper calms.
Your neck is whispered over by his palms.
He leans and whispers. Broken in, you nod
And turn the verses ridden by your god.

What divine wind swept us, Sibyl, down
Each other’s throats? What sacred ground
Did we trespass to earn the curse
Of being one another’s first?
We visited no oracles because we knew
Our love had zero future and infinite youth.
No Sibylline leaf or Delphic verse
Would ever riddle to the truth:
How sometimes the most necessary
Journeys, Sibyl, hurry
Lovers to a cemetery
Where the lovers ride on, and the love lies buried,
The long, hard road, Sibyl, the dead-end road
You straddled me and rode.