Oct 7, 2014

Whitewash Prevail

Written by Meredith McDonough

Read by Nick McRae

No Pygmalion found me
floating above the saloon
tethered to nothing but the love of men

that little red string
a nerve ending
that loops on your wrist like a bangle

I was a veritable opium den
a lust unction a pleasure banshee
a cipher a bedpost

Truth is
I replicated myself nightly
like a needle hitting a record

I escaped in a Venus husk
with a strong profile
like Cleopatra on a coin

I swaddled her in muslin
placed corsets on my hair eyes thighs and feet
Once inside I was like a key

under a tchotchke
a two-way mirror
a swiveling bookcase

But I can do one better
I’ll divide into my goats and sheep
and distill into a soiled dove

and a makeshift matron
neat as a pair of salt and pepper shakers
named like a fork in the road